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Hi! My name is Cookie. I am sometimes called, "Sluggo", and sometimes just,"The Slug". I live with the Geary's. I have lived with them for 10 years. Boy, do I have the good life. I am Sally's baby. I hear them say, I am spoiled. Just because I sleep anywhere I want, and do anything I choose, and get to beg at the table, doesn't make me spoiled, does it?

The thing in my mouth is my baby. I take it everywhere I go, except outside. That is about all I can think of to tell you about myself. Oh yeah, on down the page you will get to meet some of my buddies and others I know, and some I don't know. You will meet some that have passed on. I have only heard the Geary's talk about them. Enjoy the page and come back again.

My name is Gucci. I am 15 years old. I am a buddy of Cookie. I follow Fred around wherever he goes. I like to lay down beside him. Some people call me, "The Rat". Just one person does that. Cookie looks after me. He is my protector. He would never let anything happen to me. I love Cookie. They say I am a bullhead and stubborn. I guess I am. But I can't help it. It is my nature to be that way.

On May 20, 1998, Gucci passed on. She no longer is old, frail, and blind. She is a young pup again. Running and playing with her friends, that have passed on before her. She is waiting for me just this side of the Rainbow Bridge. She is waiting so we can both cross it together. I will see you there when it is time. Enjoy yourself until I come.

My name is Maggie McGee. My nickname is Gee. The Geary's met me at an animal shelter in California. Cookie and I are best friends. I am about two years old. I like to play alot; Cookie doesn't like to play very much. I guess it is his age. I sleep with Chris every night. Cookie showed me how to beg at the table. I sit up and stare at them until they give me somthing. I am sure glad the Geary's moved to California and found me. I have heard them say that they are glad too.

My name is Faith. I am the newest addition to the Geary's family. I am new but not young. I came here because my former owner was having a lot of problems in his life. I was with him since I was a pup. He knew he could not take care of me. That is when he found the Gearys. They said they would give me a good home, and they have. I have two good friends in Cookie and Gee. Even though I am older, I still like to play. Gee and I go at it every day. Now everyone knows who the real beggar is. I am the Pro.

My name is, Kali Girl. I live with Tim (TNT). I am just a pup, as you can see. I come down and visit the Geary's when Tim does. I don't think Cookie likes me very much, because he is always after me about something. All I want to do is run and play with him and Gucci. I don't know why they don't want to play! I love to run, jump, and chew. Maybe one of these days they will like me.

Hi. My name is Louie (peekapoopoo). I live with Chris (The Desert Fox). I live in Rancho Mirage, California. I am 12 years old. I get anything I want. I have diabetes and have to take insulin twice a day. I am told I am spoiled rotten, because I am hand-fed. But they all love me.

On February 12 1998, dear sweet Louie went into the arms of God. We will all miss him very much. Rest peacefully, dear sweet, little Louie. You will allways be in our hearts. We will see you again when it is time.

Hello. I'm Joe Joes. Louie, Abby and I live with Chris. I am a Great Dane. I am so big that I have to be careful around the house. I knock things over all the time. I am bigger than Louie and Abby, but Louie is the boss. I don't know why, he just is. I do not like strangers. I specially don't like the pool man or the cable man. I can be very intimidating. If you get to know me, I can be very sweet and lovable. I also give very good kisses.

My name is Abby. They also call me Abbas Dorcus. I have never figured out why. It might be because I can be little bit strange. I don't like to have my picture taken. I run and hide when I see a camera. I love Chris. I like my other buddy's, Joe Joes, and Louie. We all get along, most of the time. If Chris can catch me, he might take a picture of me. Chris caught me by surprise, and it seems to be a good picture.

My name is Sammie. I am just one of the kids. They got me after Louie passed on. You know the old saying,"No one is perfect," well, thats me. No matter how hard I try, there are things I just can't resist. I have chewed glasses, papers, slippers, and a few other things they haven't found yet. When I get the urge, I just can't resist. If you can overlook a few things, I am a good kid.

My name is Katie. I am the newest member of Chris Geary's family. I am a happy kid. I am a little wild. I will not calm down until I can kiss you. I love everyone. Some of the other kids here, think I am too wild and growl at me. I don't care if they do tell me to calm down. I have learned to deal with them.

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